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Ways to Jump Start Your Business

Sometimes a nice new fresh logo and marketing approach can sometimes jump start your business! Speak with Troy Designs today as we can guide you through the rebrand process and make maximum impact for your business and grow your sales!

Below is a great excerpt from an article written by Corey Ferreira for Shopify's Business Blog. You can read the full article here.


A rebrand isn’t generally the first thing business owners think about when sales start to plummet. But sometimes, when products and business aren’t positioned properly, a rebrand is necessary to solve that problem.

A rebrand that will successfully jump-start your business isn’t going to be as simple as changing your logo. Your entire brand’s approach to how it positions itself in the market will need an overhaul to see a major impact.

An example of this is Old Spice’s rebrand. Before 2003, the men’s deodorant market was pretty docile and the marketing was nothing like it is today. When Axe began to successfully position themselves as the scent that women couldn’t resist, Old Spice, a failing brand at the time, had to reinvent their image.

By 2008, Old Spice, a brand generally seen at that time as deodorant for older men, took it upon themselves to change the packaging of their products. In this case, they changed the packaging and branding of Old Spice Red Zone Glacial Falls and turned it into Old Spice Swagger.

via Adweek

According to Adweek, this change along with their new marketing quadrupled their sales. Same formula, same product, just new packaging and marketing.

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