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LOGO DESIGN - Quick Connections Electrical

Cam from Quick Connections Electrical (Q.C.E) on the Gold Coast, emailed me to do the logo design for his new startup electrical business.

I researched a lot of electrical business' around Australia and most came back as standard straight font, most not having a logo icon (logo icons are a great way to stand out from the rest and help brand your business into peoples minds) and just overall pretty basic (sometimes basic clean logo's work)... But I wanted Cam's to be modern, styled with script font and have a strong icon to stand out. See below :)

Full Logo

Logo Icon: I wanted to incorporate QCE into the icon... using a lightbulb and electrical strike, it fit so well.

Vehicle Mockup

Logo Design Process: I always love to start my logo design process with sketching.

Need logo/branding done for your business? Or just want to freshin' up your existing logo design. Send me a message today as i'd love to help you out.

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