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Importance of logo design for small businesses

You have heard the saying “You only get one chance at first impressions”. It couldn’t be any truer in the design of your business logo.

I cannot stress this enough to a client.

How often do you search for a service and you look at their logo/branding and move onto the next business, all because their logo looks terrible or not as good as business next to it?

I know it can be extremely exciting to start your business and you want to run off to Vistaprint and quickly print business cards to start handing them out. This is where I would tell you to take a deep breathe, refocus and spend the time and energy on your brand that it deserves.

Here are a few steps to keep an eye out for, whether you have Troy designs produce your branding or another design agency.

1. Be unique. Don’t follow suit of other brands in your industry, put a nice little spin on it and make it yours. Most small businesses usually don’t have the budget of the corporate companies that can splash big money on making customers associate their symbol with their brand. So each impression is so important.

2. Typography. Picking the right typography to go with your logo/symbol is very important. Sometimes it can make or break your logo. Typography communicates much about your brand, whether it’s a brand that’s whimsical or elegant, established or common, fresh or futuristic. Your logo should be in harmony and balance with your typography.

3. Colours. Certain industries have very typical colour palettes that are traditional to their industry. For example, Tech companies use corporate colours like Blues and Greens. Keeping that in mind is crucial… BUT… To help stand out, do some research on colours that aren’t in the industry and shake some feathers, finding that unique colour that still looks to be part of your industry could stir up your competitors.

Just remember to keep these 3 steps in mind when choosing your brand identity and take your time with completing it. At Troy Designs, we do the research through your industry and try make your brand a cut above the rest with business branding.

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