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Hair Salon Website & Logo Design


Mid 2019, Sophie from Addictive Hair & Beauty in Grafton NSW approached me for a new logo design. I had originally created her first logo when taking over the business a few years back so I was excited to create something new & modern.

All my logo designs start off as sketches, it's the best way to get ideas and the creative juices flowing, especially on those days where I have a designers block. From sketches, I transfer onto the computer to create a range of concepts for the client to review, change and approve.

After a few rounds of changes, we have come up with this... A nice clean, hand styled modern logo that now suits her business to a tee, especially with her new interior and style of the business.

Creating a logo icon helps brand your image into customers minds. I created this hand-drawn scissor icon cutting a piece of hair... This also created the letter 'A' for addictive.


When I was first getting into website design (10 years ago... I know, so long ago hahaha)... I would always love when hair salons would approach the company I worked for at the time, for a website. The style of salon websites would always be clean and easy to navigate accompanied by high-quality hair styled photos which completed the website.

Sophie at Addictive wanted the same, have a strong online presence plus an eCommerce solution to sell products online (due to the Covid-19 restrictions). Once we got the website approved and live, I sat down with Sophie to then hand over the site for her to add new products and blog posts, to help keep the website up to date and relevant. Which is a must these days, if your site goes untouched for months, customers can sense an outdated feel and will be more than happy to jump to a competitors site.

All my websites are either created with Wix or Shopify for easy access for clients to make there own updates for products and blog posts. Plus, all websites are mobile-friendly which is important due to the fact that approx. 70% of users are viewing your website from mobile devices.

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