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Golf Club Revamp after 120 years!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Grafton Golf Club (GCC) has been around for 120+ years, so it was exciting when GGC approached us to rebuild their website and freshen up their branding... But as exciting as it is, a lot of work goes into projects like this as this website and especially branding could be around for another 100+ years.

Website Development

The old website was very dated, text were laying over images that weren't adjusted accordingly so it was hard to read, the page layouts were all different, hard to navigate the way the navigation was setup and was not mobile user friendly, which is so important with 80-90% of people browsing your website on mobiles.

So we stripped back the complete design and started creating wireframes and moodboards to help shape the direction of the new site. After a few board meetings, we all confirmed the direction and got to work on the build.

The new website:

- Easy to navigate through the variety of pages.

- Easy access to "Our Golf" login for members and guest golfers to login and register for competitions.

- Dining and Event information proudly on the front page for the general patrons to browse.

- GGC wanted to have Results easy to get to for members to see weekly results.

- EXCITING NEW FEATURE: Golf course drone flyovers of each hole. This will make it easy for guests to view each hole and (hopefully) avoid trees, bunkers and water hazards.

View the Golf Clubs website here:

Logo Design

Grafton Golf Club Old Logo

Original Logo

As much as I love old, original logos... I think this logo was due for an update. But one thing I did not want to do, and the GGC members agreed, was not to make the new logo overly modern and part of any "trend" (as trends can die-off with in months).

So I got to work on research and sketching ideas, coming up with approx. 5-7 ideas (I'll show one day in the coming weeks)... All focused around the rural lifestyle that Grafton is known for. The one logo that stood out, was the Jacaranda tree concept, as this was a nice upgrade from having an animal on the logo and there are a couple of nicely placed big Jacaranda's around the course that go into full purple bloom each year. The font we narrowed down to is a font that's nice, classy and timeless. No trend tweaks, not warped secret styling and colouring... Just nice, traditional style font.

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