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I was so grateful to have been entered into the @gabsfestival 2020 Beer Can Design Awards. But I’m absolutely speechless making it into the Top 10 of Australia. The whole field was stacked with amazing designs from the most creative people around the country. Biggest and warmest thanks to my friends and family for their ongoing support and to Dan Norris & Leah Spong from Black Hops Brewery for their fun briefs and finally to GABS for creating recognition for the designers behind the brands.

Moondancer Black Hops Brewery (QLD) Hazy IPA

Designed by Troy Cochrane of Troy Designs, the brief was simple… “hey Troy, this one’s called Moondancer, have some fun with this one yeah?”. A limited release coming into Winter, Troy created a new character (now affectionately dubbed ‘Hop Man’) dancing around a campfire under a full moon. Apparently, the design was so popular it’s inspired more than a few Hop Man tattoos and fireside beers!

Judges comments included:

“I would put this can on my mantelpiece after I'd emptied it. It celebrates how it’s meant to be enjoyed and puts you in this little creepy cute dramatic world. Love the Hop Man by the fire, it’s a really strong brand character.”

“Given the very loose brief, the designer has shown great imagination and creativity to build a visual story that’s backed up by engaging pack copy.”

“A really eye-catching design that draws well from the brief (even though it was loose!). Spooky and moody in the best way possible.”

“This design really connects the story of the beer with the experience of enjoying the liquid inside the can. Great character design that any beer lover will relate to. An overall clean and sleek look that stands out, great use of a reduced colour palette.”

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rajesh jat
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