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DOUCHEBAG™ - The freelancers' Backpack

Pro skier come lifestyle vlogger, Jon Olssen, created a company that designs backpacks gear bags suited to skiers/travellers/photographers/designers... Douchebags™... I've finally got my hands on one and it does not disappoint.

"The Backpack" is created for the photographer/designers out there that needs compartments to store all our bits and pieces. It has a simple top pocket that is great for easy access of wallets, phones, GoPro, cords + a perfect back slot that's completely padded and ready to fit laptops and iPads + a large main compartment that can house all your camera gear, more laptops, sketch books etc with tidy mesh pockets for all the cords and SD cards to sit away nicely.

It does retail for $269.99 but it is worth every dollar. Comfy, clean and tidy to trek around allowing you to work from anywhere.

Australian seller: The Iconic

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