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Colour Can Influence Customers

Colours play a big part in people emotions and actions. So when creating your logo and website, always keep in mind key colours. Below is a great article from Shopify:

Color theory is one of my favorite topics when it comes to design and marketing. The fact that certain colors can convey so many different emotions and actions is fascinating.

There has been a lot of fluffy theories about color – mainly because a lot of things like personal preference, history, and more, can influence what certain colors mean. What red means to me, might mean something totally different to you. That being said, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of colour theory when it pertains to marketing.

Take a look at this informative chart from The Logo Company that analyzes what different colors brands use, and what each color means.

In a study by the team at KISSmetrics – they found some pretty interesting information regarding the psychology of color.

Red: Increases heart rate, creates sense of urgency, often associated with sales.

Blue: Creates the sensation of trust and security, often associated with banks.

Green: Often associated with wealth, easiest color for the eye to process.

Something else that I thought was worth mentioning, is that in that study, KISSmetrics found that 93% of shoppers consider visual appearance to be more important than any other senses when looking at marketing material.

Furthermore, they found that men prefer bright colors, while women prefer softer, more pastel-like colors.

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