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Cansdell Shapes - Logo Design Process

When professional surfer turned professional surfboard shaper, Shaun Cansdell, approached me to design up new branding for his company, I was stoked! I have a massive passion for the surf industry (can't surf though) and loved the opportunity to work on this with Shaun. We are super pumped on the final design, but there is always a process with creating awesome... See below from where we started to where we finished, and why.

1. Step one is the concept stage... This is where I met with Shaun and discussed what he is after, the ideas and direction with what he wants. From there, I'll sketch ideas in my art book and digitise them for Shaun to review. I did variations from his previous logo (the circle versions) along with some out-there new creations.

2. Shaun thought it would be good to go with something fresh, clean and new along with shortening the name from Shaun Cansdell Shapes to Cansdell Shapes. Below is the concept he liked. We then trialed a few different shapes.

3. From there we decided to go with the upward pointing arrow, so then it's onto trying a few different fonts to see what fits best with his style.

4. We wanted to add more bend to make it more noticeable, so when they are out in the surf you can see the logo with the bend a lot easier. Shaun also wanted to try a few different style tree's out.

5. THE FINAL RESULT.... To make this logo unique more then others was to go with the banana tree as around his factory in Woolgoolga are banana plantations. The final logo stands out from afar, is unique, clean crisp style that Shaun was after.

Follow Shaun Cansdell here -

Visit his website here -

Want to have a chat about creating a new logo or just freshen up your current one? Shoot me an email today as I'd love to help you out...

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