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WORK<LIFE - Create your ultimate work/life balance

Updated: Aug 31, 2019


Work < {is less then} Life

Your work/life balance is just as important as eating healthy and exercising. Over-working and under-playing creates stress... which manifests into anxiety, depression and all-round feeling s#*t. Which also affects the people around you.

12 years ago I moved to the Gold Coast to chase the dream of being a Graphic Designer and earn the bigger $$ compared with what I could of got in Grafton, NSW at the time. 10 of those years I worked with amazing people and companies which helped shape the designer I am today.

But long story short, my last job on the GC (2016 - 2018), I busted my ass weekly and all I got in return was constant bullying and harassment from middle management (I won't go into detail, but they pretty much would kick you while you were down... and then spit on you). Those few years of trying to please the unpleasable/under-qualified middle management, was creating unnecessary stress that I would take home every afternoon to my wife and newly born daughter, which they didn't deserve.

So, after discussions with my wife, we decided that I take the leap to go full time freelance graphic designer and head back home for a better lifestyle, while being closer to family and friends in the Clarence Valley. It has been the best decision and our daughter is absolutely loving it. I encourage others to chase their passions and change your work to suit your lifestyle...

If you're currently stressed from work and looking for ways to limit that. Over the coming months, I'll be sharing tips on my website Blog on helping to create a better work/life balance and make your life greater then work. WORK<LIFE. #WorkLifeBlance #WorkLife #Lifestyle #Family #FreelanceDesigner #TroyDesigns

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