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TD's Top 4 Craft Beer Label Designs

I'm a passionate beer drinker... I don't drink much, but I love good quality beer and their label designs.

Australia has been producing some of the best craft beer over the past few years and the label design for each type of beer is amazing and always eye catching. Below are some of our favourite label designs from Australian Craft Beer Brewer's. Let us know which ones you like in the comments below.

Founded by pro surfers who collabed with expert beer brewer's... That alone is recipe for the most perfect Australian Craft Beer. The can designs are simple but effective. Nice clean bold letters, clean pastel type colours finished off with the signature cheeky little smile symbol that makes everyone smirk with each sip. "Our Choice of Sip - XPA"

It's not often beer label's look fairly similar... But Stone & Wood have done a brilliant job keeping them similar with only matching the colours to the type of beer. The logo design really shows the style of the company and the link between Stone/Wood with the '&' symbol is genius! "Our Choice of Sip - Pacific Ale"

Burleigh Brewing Co. is one of the larger craft beer makers in Australia. They have won countless awards and have a wide range of beer that will cater for anyone and everyone. Their label design is of as much standard as the beer with witty names to match.

Sticking with good soft pastel/earthy colours as most beer labels do, they have differentiated each brew amazingly with great art and colour choices. "Our Choice of Sip - HEF" but we love the artwork on the Twisted Palm bottle.

I'm always a sucker for organic/earthy colours and designs! Yenda has pulled this off perfectly along with the mild earth colour marks for each style of brew. One thing that really stood out and was a winner with us was the density icons for the ingredients. This illustrates what kind of style beer it is and helps you judge what you feel like having.

Along with the icons, you can visit their beer page on the website (Beer Page) where they push you in the right direction on what meals best suit which beers. So great!!! "Our Choice of Sip - Yenda Hell: Unfiltered Lager best goes with fresh australian seafood seafood"

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