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Big Wave Surfing Inspired Beer Label Design

Surfing Beer Label Design

I may be a bad surfer, but my passion for surf/beach life inspired designs is high. Here's the recent label creation for Woolgoolga Brewing Co. They sent through a design request that was inspired by big wave surfer Eddie Aikau and asked for the big wave to be crashing through the logo.

Eddie (born 1946 and disappeared 1978) was a lifeguard at Waimea Bay on the island of Oahu, he saved over 500 people and became famous for surfing the big Hawaiian surf, winning several awards including the 1977 Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championship. The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational ("The Eddie") is named in his honor.

To bring an old school surf style to the design, I got into researching old surf magazines to help shape the design to feel like an old surf poster. To do this, I used pastel water colour brushes in Procreate for a washed out rough feel while sketching the outline of Eddie and the wave to be penetrating through the letters in the logo as vector in Adobe Fresco. I'm so stoked on this design and it will sit proudly in the TDS office as one of my favourites so far.

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