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APPAREL DESIGNS - Black Hops Brewing Co. - Gold Coast

Over the past few months I have had the privilege on designing apparel for Gold Coast, award winning brewery Black Hops. I have had to keep the designs under wrap but they are beginning to be released now...

The clothing designs I have been doing are for their beer releases 'Send It - Session Ale' and 'Super Hornet - Double IPA'.

Send It - Is a term used for extreme sports athletes or general loose units on a big weekend, where they just "send it". I enjoyed designing this illustration, as the mates I grew up with constantly send it every weekend whether it's with motocross, BMX, surfing or skateboarding... They always went big. So they were the inspiration behind this design. Click here to visit in-store.

Super Hornet - Is a fighter jet. So this shirt design was inspired by the air-force. Nice clean pocket print using the Pantone colour from the beer can for the design. Orange is a great colour that goes with Khaki Olive for that air-force feel. Click here to visit in-store.

Lay Day - This one is coming soon.... Surfers can relate to this term and the design.

Black Hops Beer - Troy Designs
Black Hops - Send It Illustration Full Colour

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