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Troy Designs - Local Newspaper Article

Nothing like a good ol' awkward photo featured in the local newspapers around the Northern Rivers... Great story though and highlights the fact that we ALL need to support local business.

"TROY Cochrane has designs on entrepreneurial success in Grafton after taking the punt on his own skills. The graphic designer operates one of the 3808 businesses open in our region.

A special Daily Examiner investigation found most small businesses struggle to turn over $500,000 a year and 63 per cent have no employees.

In the past four years 1668 local businesses have closed, but Troy Designs is one of our success stories.

Troy Designs has been around for about 18 months but he has only just walked away from paid employment to operate the business full-time.

Providing services across the Northern Rivers, he said it was a big risk but the potential rewards were worth it.

"I took a mentor on who was a freelance designer and within six weeks it gave me the confidence and the know-how to make the leap into going out on my own," Troy said. He said staying on top of the business's marketing needs was proving a challenge. "In designing other people's logos and marketing material, I kind of let mine slip to the side," he said.

"Trying to promote my business in a regional area has also been hard - it is a lot quieter than working on the Gold Coast." - NewsRegional

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