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Gold Coast Coffee - TD's 3 Favourite Spots

I love my coffee... The taste, aroma and the slight kick you get in the morning! This, along with a great location is an absolute inspiration booster for business owners, artists and musicians. Here are three of my regulars I love to travel to.

So, if you're ever in need of great coffee, food & location, keep these three places in mind or leave a comment on where you love to go to, as i'm always open to try new places! *Please note, they are in no particular order*

1. The Dune Cafe - Location, Location, Location -

Location! The Dune Cafe is one of my favourite spots, visually. It's situated a across a park over-looking the always amazing Currumbin Creek. Getting first light in the morning down here is a must.

The Dune Cafe - Gold Coast Coffee
The Dune Cafe - Currumbin Creek

2. Caffeine Kings - Art & Music -

For all you artists & musicians out there, Caffeine Kings is the place to boost your inspiration. From the wall art to the live bands, this place is well designed and has a great vibe. Also a fun place for a few sneaky beers in the afternoon.

Caffeine Kings - Gold Coasy
Caffeine Kings - Miami

3. Whistlestop Food & Wine - Country Freshness of Pimpama -

As much as I love the beach and coast vibes, i'm a country boy at heart (grew up in Grafton, NSW). So this is what draws me to this great place in the northern part of the Gold Coast, Pimpama. Great yard area out back with tables and farm animals along with a friendly cafe front that's open all day. Great staff and absolutely love Stoney's Bar after work to finish off the day.

The Whistlestop - Gold Coast
The Whistlestop - Pimpama

I hope you guys can make it out and try these places (if you haven't already). Let me know what you think in the comments below or tell me some new places you like to go to.

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